Michigan Interfaith Coalition

Insist that the humanitarian crisis created by Auto insurance reform be FIXED!

The  Interfaith Coalition will focus attention on the moral responsibility of elected legislators and demand respect for the dignity of the catastrophically injured, suffering survivors.

We will advocate for removal of the 56 hour per week cap for family provided attendant care, and the restoration of 2020 reimbursement rates for healthcare workers and family attendant care and health services at home. 



Survivors of car accidents with catastrophic injuries: spinal cord, brain injuries, amputations, burns


Increase in complaints against insurance companies since July 2 for negligence, denying payment, delaying tactics


Survivors who lost their care, their homes, or their loved ones due to No-Fault Auto Reform

112 hours

Average number of  unpaid hours of care per week provided by family and friends due to the 56-hour  government-imposed limit

Some survivors have lost their  lives.  Our Michigan legislators must take a moral stand!


Survivors are Hurting

They Need Our Help

Patients with severe injuries, like those to the brain and spinal cord, are winding up in hospital ICUs or nursing homes as the ongoing rehabilitative care they’ve relied on to maintain lives of dignity and independence is ripped away. Providers, including those in rural areas where care options are already scarce, are being forced to close their doors because they can’t survive the fee schedule that the auto no -fault reform cut nearly 50% . The severe reduction in wages has led to layoffs of more than 1,500 health care providers. 

This is a humanitarian crisis born from a government-mandated price fix, and only the legislature can undo it.

Since July 1, we’ve received dozens of reports from gravely injured citizens who have seen their lives upended as the fee schedule cancels the post-acute, specialized care that has allowed them to live and thrive. Suddenly, they have nowhere to go and nobody to hire who will accept a drastically lower pay rate. This, even though they paid their insurance premiums faithfully with the expectation that — should the worst happen — their care would be covered for as long as they needed it.

Bills were introduced in Legislative session that would have provided the narrow, long-term legislative solution to the nearly 50% reimbursement cut. None, however, were allowed hearings in the face of fierce lobbying from the auto insurance industry. Those bills are STILL in Committee.

Will you join us and other leaders of faith communities?

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Other Ways to Help

Who We Are

The tragic suffering of catastrophically injured Michigan citizens, the loss of their care when the Auto Reform went into effect in July 2021, and the seemingly lack of moral leadership of some of our legislators to provide a fix for these most vulnerable citizens in Michigan prompted Bonnie and Owen to take action and form the Michigan Interfaith Coalition. People of faith pray, hope and act for the relief of a “fixed” auto no-fault that will bring care and dignity to 18,000 injured citizens.

Due to the immoral and unethical response to the changes in the Michigan No-Fault Law by the insurance companies and the legislature, Dr. Owen Perlman and Bonnie Anderson are collaborating with people of faith to provide education and gain support in “fixing the fix.


Bonnie Anderson


Bonnie is the former President of the House of Deputies of the Episcopal Church in 2006-2012, Bonnie has served as Canon in the Diocese of Michigan, as well as President of the Standing Committee. She currently serves as Trustee for Episcopal Divinity School at Union Theological Seminary. She is a community organizer, writer and preacher. She has spent time in Africa on Missions with Episcopal Relief & Development. She is the mother of a son who suffered a catastrophic injury in a car/pedestrian accident.

DR. Owen Perlman


Owen is a specialist in Physiatry who has devoted his career to the care of survivors with serious traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. He is the Medical Director of several post-acute traumatic brain injury residential treatment programs.  He champions the rights of these survivors and their families to maintain access to quality services.  Owen has often presented testimony before the Michigan legislature, advocating to preserve No-Fault Law and warning of the consequences of the proposed Reform.

Why Join?

We will  change the auto no-fault reform law. This is what you can do:

  1. STAY informed about the auto no-fault revisions – go to this website often .
  2. KNOW your Michigan legislators and how to contact your legislators .
  3. INVITE other religious/spiritual organizations and individuals to join.
  4. PRAY for survivors, families and all who need the auto no-fault revisions to be fixed. Pray for the legislators  and MI government officials who can fix it.