Resources for Faith Organizations

The Michigan Interfaith Coalition is trying to help injured persons, families and providers by compiling a list of needed resources. This section aims to help connect faith leaders with one another, while providing useful information to meet our advocacy goals.

It is our duty as faith leaders to care for the most vulnerable in our society, by acting with compassion, kindness and love.

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Family Stories

Stories about injured persons and their families, and the effect of PA-21/PA-22 on their care, finances, stability and well being.

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Provider Stories

Stories about the impact of PA-21/PA-22 on medical and home care providers.

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Other Information

General information about legislative action, facts, news articles, and efforts from other organizations.

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Can you suggest other resources for injured persons and their families? Are you a provider still willing to accept auto insurance?

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Latest Resources for Faith Organizations

Michigan Interfaith Coalition Needs You

This article appeared in The Episcopal Diocese of Michigan’s newsletter and is featured on their website at: . Michigan Interfaith Coalition Needs You Michigan’s Interfaith Coalition is asking for individuals, faith-organizations,

How You Can Help Survivors and Families

WAYS TO HELP RIGHT NOW   TELL THEIR STORY Get to know some of the 18,000 survivors who are hurting in your community through support groups, ministries, and social media. Learn their

Episcopal Diocese of Michigan

  An Episcopal Church diocese in South East Michigan consisting of 75 congregations and over 17,000 baptized members. The Episcopal Diocese of Michigan is the first organization to join the Michigan Interfaith

Southern Baptist Convention

  The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is a body of over 50,000 like-minded congregations spanning multiple cultures and traditions. Its headquarters are in Nashville, TN.    Phone: 615-244-2355   Email:  

How to Contact Your Legislative Office

    Michigan’s lawmakers are elected leaders who serve their constituents. Contact your Representative’s or Senator’s legislative office to discuss concerns with auto reform, to request assistance with DIFS complaints, and to

The Coalition to Protect Auto No-Fault

    CPAN is a major advocacy organization that has been working to protect Michigan’s No-Fault Auto Insurance laws for nearly two decades. Its mission is to “be the consumer advocate for

Wayne County Resolution Urging Fix to No-Fault Reform

    Wayne County Board of Commissioners Urges Lawmakers to Fix No-Fault Reform On December 16, 2021, the Wayne County Full Board of Commissioners passed an unanimous resolution urging lawmakers to pass

Oakland County Resolution Urging Fix to No-Fault Reform

    Oakland County Board of Commissioners Urges Lawmakers to Fix Humanitarian Crisis Created by No-Fault Reform On November 10, 2021, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners passed an unanimous resolution urging


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