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Individuals represented by our members, most of whom are registered voters, all demanding an end to the #MICareCrisis


Friends of the Coalition

Other member organizations and friends of the coalition, all seeking an end to Michigan’s humanitarian crisis


Other Organizations And Friends Of The Coalition


Name / Representative Maureen Howell
Job Title RN
Organization WCW
No. of Members 1
City Saint Charles
State Michigan
Name / Representative Peggy Campbell
Job Title Founder, Administrator
Organization We Can't Wait
No. of Members 7600
City Northville
State MI
Name / Representative Lora Rosenbaum
Job Title CEO
Organization TheraSupport
No. of Members 30
City Ann Arbor
State MI
Name / Representative Christine Tocco
Job Title Field Marketing Manager
Organization Creative Mobility Group
No. of Members 1
City Byron Center
State MI
Name / Representative Kaci Messeder
Job Title Policy Analyst
Organization Detroit Disability Power
No. of Members 220
City Detroit
State MI

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Injured survivors need your help, right now. They are in urgent need of physical, mental and spiritual support. The 24/7 care, services and medical supplies that catastrophically injured persons need to survive – to eat, to move, to use the bathroom – were suddenly taken away when the Auto No-Fault Reform became effective.

  • Injured persons with Traumatic Brain Injuries have been forced out of their homes of 10+ years to go into nursing homes, where they cannot receive the level of care they need
  • Families are tapping into lifetime savings to pay for home care
  • Minor children are being forced to care for their disabled parents, and elderly parents are being forced to care for paralyzed adult children with Spinal Cord Injuries who need 24/7 care including breath tube care, toileting, feeding, stretching, supervision, and wheelchair mobility – all things that Medicare and work insurance do not cover
  • Paralyzed survivors are unable to get to doctor appointments as wheelchair-accessible transportation and care companies have shut down
  • Family members are being forced to care for loved ones without pay, or for pay of only 56 out of 168 hours, and for a rate under minimum wage

As faith leaders, we have a moral responsibility to help.