The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) is the regulatory body that oversees insurers and is tasked with consumer protection. When disputes with insurance companies cannot be resolved directly with the adjuster or other representative, Michiganders have the right to file a complaint with DIFS. This can be done by the injured person, a named representative, or a provider.

Ever since the auto reform went into effect on July 2nd, 2021, the number of DIFS complaints against insurance companies skyrocketed by 1,000%. However, not every complaint has been investigated or counted as a formal complaint, thus this number has been severely underreported to lawmakers. In order for complaints to be investigated and to count in the statistics provided to lawmakers, Michiganders should follow the following recommendations:

  1. File a complaint using the online form:
    (There is also a PDF form available which can be emailed to or faxed to 517-284-8837, but the online form is recommended)
  2. Ensure the type of complaint is marked “Auto,” not health or disability
  3. Fill out all personal information including name, address, email and phone
  4. Fill out the name of the insurance company, and as much contact information as possible
  5. Fill out the policy# or claim#, and if known, the “date of loss” (i.e. date of auto accident)
  6. Provide a narrative of the issue, any responses from the insurance company, and relevant proof. State the following at the beginning of the narrative: THIS IS A FORMAL COMPLAINT
  7. Provide a desired resolution
  8. Immediately after submitting a complaint, call DIFS Consumer Services at 877-999-6442 to confirm they have received it and to get a case number. Save this case number as it will be needed for all future communication with DIFS
  9. In three business days, call DIFS again to request an update. DIFS has indicated that insurers are to respond within three business days. Every time you submit new information, call again within three business days to request an update, and keep doing that until the complaint is resolved
  10. If the complaint is closed without getting the help you need, ask DIFS to reopen your case, and also contact your legislator’s office to ask for help. DIFS has been more helpful when a legislative office gets involved


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