Comparison of Unlimited PIP Medical Benefit Coverage

For more than four decades, Michigan’s auto no-fault law protected individuals and their loved ones by providing coverage to those seriously injured in a motor vehicle crash, regardless of who was at fault. But now, with the implementation of the 2019 amended Michigan auto insurance law, it’s a different story. Michigan families are faced with Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage options which can be confusing and if selected could have devastating consequences for families should they suffer serious injury in an auto crash. These major changes have dramatically affected all Michigan consumers and their families.

Under these amended laws, policyholders have choices to purchase Personal Protection Insurance (PIP) coverage that is unlimited, capped at $500,000, $250,000, or to opt out and rely on health insurance coverage if auto accidents are not excluded. Those on Medicare have an option to opt out of PIP medical coverage all together, whereas those on Medicaid can purchase a PIP coverage policy capped at $50,000. Each day, on average, six people suffer serious injury in a crash on Michigan roads. Will drivers or their loved ones have the coverage they need?

Serious injuries can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and can impact lives forever. It is important to consider that most health insurance plans do not cover long-term care, residential treatment programs, vehicle modifications, or other needed care that would be required for those catastrophically injured. In addition, unlike PIP auto insurance coverage, which is occurrence-based covering the injured for a lifetime if needed, health insurance coverage is claim-based and no longer covers individuals that lose their job or are unable to pay premiums.

For the past four years, CPAN has published a comparison of the Unlimited PIP medical benefit coverage vs Medicare or Medicaid coverages to help protect drivers and families in making these crucial decisions. The 2024 edition of this flyer also includes comparisons on coverages for “traditional” health insurance PPO and HMO plans. This information has consistently received positive reviews as a proven tool for making informed insurance coverage decisions.

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