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A weekly audio documentary created by 1C Story Network, featuring Rebeca Seitz that showcases the horrific stories of what injured survivors are going through since auto reform became effective, and the immoral responses from lawmakers and others with the power to end the crisis. It features interviews with accident survivors, their families, and providers, and including Dr. Owen Perlman, a world-renown Physical Medicine physician who has been caring for survivors for decades and who has testified multiple times before congress.

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  • 18 Next Steps? May 4, 2022
    Rebeca has a heart to heart with the audience about where we've been, why we had a three month hiatus in the show, the events that have transpired since, and where things can and may go next. As always, we thank you for your support for the continued production of this show through the Silent […]
  • 17 The Story Beneath February 25, 2022
    After 17 weeks of digging, interviewing, and researching, Rebeca shares what she found: the story beneath the story of PA21 and 22. It turns out, the reason appears to not only be well-intentioned, but also brings with it a true opportunity for a solution.Link to References:
  • 16 What Do You Want? February 18, 2022
    What do you want your legislator to do regarding the no-fault reform legislation? Rebeca asks that of you, and of Joe Richert, owner of a rehabilitation facility heavily hit by PA21 and 22.
  • 15 A Little Love February 14, 2022
    Rebeca shares how some personal life circumstances prompted reminders and reflections to apply during the intense experience of investigating PA21 and 22.
  • 14 Made (and broken) in Detroit February 4, 2022
    Two men from Detroit played a powerful role in the auto no-fault reform legislation, saying they did so to make things better there. So, how has Detroit fared? And do those men even care? We went straight to Motor City citizens to find out.
  • 13 Hope from Lansing? January 29, 2022
    Representative Phil Green introduced HB5698 this week, a legislative attempt to mitigate some parts of PA21 and 22. Rumors immediately flew about the bill and its contents. Rebeca sat down with Rep. Green for a frank discussion. He shared why he is making this attempt despite Republican leadership’s opposition to reform, his preferences for how […]
  • 12 Mourning in Lansing January 26, 2022
    On a frozen January morning, we joined hundreds of patients, caregivers, and others impacted by PA21 and 22 who gathered at the Capitol in Lansing. They came to share their stories of losing care, jobs, joy, homes, hope, and, in some instances, life itself.If you have personal experiences, knowledge, or tips to share, please email […]
  • 11 A Story That Can't Wait January 7, 2022
    PA21 and 22 have spawned foreseeable medical emergencies all across Michigan, including death. Today, we tell you of one about to unfold. Meet Kelley.
  • 10 Legacy in the Making January 2, 2022
    Through a conversation with attorney George Sinas, Rebeca explores the history, present, and potential future of auto no-fault in Michigan.
  • 9 The Rubber Hits the Road December 21, 2021
    Accident survivor and UP resident Shannon Perkins is hitting the road for a 1,100 mile round trip to the hospital. Her partially amputated leg needs surgery. The journey she’s enduring due to PA21 and 22, though, makes the surgery the easier part.
  • 8 The Doctor is Still In ... Is a Fix In, Too? December 11, 2021
    The second half of Rebeca’s discussion with Dr. Owen Perlman contains information about how and why PA21 and 22 were passed as well as insight into the everyday experience of caregivers. Thoughts about a bill currently being written in the House to “reform the reform” are also shared.
  • 7 The Doctor is In December 6, 2021
    Today we share a precious note from a patient (who has been impacted by PA21 and 22) to his mom on Thanksgiving. Then, Dr. Owen Perlman gives incredible insight into how auto no-fault reform is causing a crisis in care across Michigan.
  • 6 Happy Thanksgiving from Silent Crash November 24, 2021
    Wishing all of our listeners and supporters a very Happy Thanksgiving from the Silent Crash family.
  • 5 Will the Senator Please Rise? November 20, 2021
    As she looks into the individuals who championed PA21 and PA22 into existence, Rebeca finds a striking lack of scandal…until she listens to a sermon. With a hope that it truly IS never too late to stand for what's right, we bring you Episode 5 of “Silent Crash.”
  • 4 Lies, Damned Lies, and ... Politics November 14, 2021
    While researching for the next deep dive episode, Rebeca is told of a recent Republican Senate Caucus meeting and the lies that were shared therein. She pauses to address the falsehoods by, among other things, sharing the discussions she had with Chalise and Karen.


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