Money Was the Motivator for No-Fault Reform – Not Michigan Drivers or Car Crash Survivors


The Silent Crash podcast, news outlets and government watchdogs have explored the wealthy players and financial motivations behind No-Fault reform. It details the efforts to repeal or break No-Fault by the Insurance Alliance of Michigan (auto insurance industry lobby), Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, Quicken Loans owner Dan Gilbert, Senators Mike Shirkey and Lana Theis, and others. The prizes:

  • A $28 billion pot of gold sitting at the MCCA catastrophic fund, which PA-22 allows to go to insurance companies instead of crash survivors
  • Donations from insurance companies to senators and their families
  • Money to fulfill “fix the damn roads” campaign promises
  • Coveted buildings in Detroit
  • Revenue increases for the City of Detroit

What was not at stake despite the publicity: lowering auto insurance rates and helping care for accident survivors.

The following is a compilation of some of the articles that look into this hidden story and follow the money trail.


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