The past few years have undoubtedly tested our resilience, as we’ve faced challenges resulting from the implementation of PA-21 – Michigan’s auto no-fault reform. It’s been disheartening when providers have had to close their doors and others have had to discharge patients. It’s been disheartening when we hear story after story of crash survivors and their families unable to access needed care.  It’s been heartbreaking when we learned of another death and have mourned the loss of dedicated fighters in our cause. The exhaustion and frustration have been undeniable.

However, we must not lose hope. Our collective efforts have begun to bear fruit, as the tide finally starts to shift in our favor. Working hand in hand with lawmakers, we are actively addressing the shortcomings of the fee schedule, the limitations on family-provided attendant care, and other detrimental aspects of the law. 

The purpose of the rally is to show lawmakers and the administration that action is needed NOW and that our voices need to be heard – let’s work together to mitigate the damages. We must elevate our voices and show we are not going away or backing down.  
Join Michigan Brain Injury Providers Council (MBIPC), WeCan’tWait, the Brain Injury Association of MI (BIAMI), the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN), the Interfaith Coalition, and thousands of members, organizations, and survivors on October 3, 2023, as we rally in front of Michigan’s State Capitol from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM.   The rally will include speakers from the survivor and provider communities, lawmakers, and other stakeholders along with a memorial for those that have passed since the 2019 changes in the law. 

Here is what is needed from YOU!  

  1. Register to attend the rally. Link to registration: https://bit.ly/3Rejfal
  2. Share this information FAR and WIDE – invite co-workers, friends and family.
  3. Post or share on your organization’s and your personal social media accounts.
  4. Wear your 2019 Blue T-shirt or order a new one when you register- We want to have a sea of BLUE for maximum visual impact.
  5. Encourage and support staff, clients and board members and others to attend.
  6. Volunteer at the event –  email martha at mlevandowski@cpan.us

This is a critical time, our work is far from over.  We hope to have legislation introduced by the date of the rally and this is the event to help move it forward.  YOUR SUPPORT IS VITAL!!