Detroit Free Press – Opinion: Catastrophic care patients need help from Lansing

Gilda Z. Jacobs, Michigan Interfaith Coalition member, and former state senator and state representative, writes in the Detroit Free Press (March 13, 2022) about the crisis brought on by changes the no-fault insurance legislation. 

She writes “There is a growing healthcare crisis in Michigan — one where survivors of catastrophic car crashes have lost needed care, been separated from loved ones, forced out of their homes, and even died. 

“While its intentions may have been good, in 2019 the Michigan Legislature made a tragic mistake when it hastily rushed through a bill to reform the state’s auto no-fault insurance system. Today, thousands of Michigan’s most vulnerable residents are suffering, and legislators have only themselves to blame.”

She continues,

…unless this immoral and unethical provision of the law is fixed, there will be no more long-term care providers available and families will no longer have peace of mind.

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