Gongwer News Service: No-Fault Overhaul Proponents in House Disappointed by Nixed Changes

House members in favor of altering, or overhauling entirely, the changes to Michigan’s auto reform laws enacted in 2019 said Thursday they were deeply disappointed in the recent news that the chamber will not take up legfislation this term that would significantly alter current operations.

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for House Speaker Jason Wentworth said the leader hasn’t seen any proposals that would protect “providers who are doing it right” and guaranteed savings for drivers — and therefore won’t support any significant auto insurance changes this term.

Speaking to Gonwer News Service, Majority Floor Leader Ben Frederick (R-Owosso) said that when he first got word the House would not pursue any changes to the auto no-fault laws that he was struck with “profound disappointment.”

However he acknowledged that people advocating for changes in the current law also deserved guidance as for what to expect the rest of this term, and he believed there was a level of dignity and transparency in Mr. Wentworth’s announcement.

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